Overview of suppositories and ointments from external hemorrhoids: inexpensive and effective drugs

Nowadays, the number of patients with a diagnosis such as hemorrhoids has increased. This is due to the lifestyle that modern man leads.

After the first manifestations, the patient is recommended to immediately go to the hospital to undergo a diagnosis. When the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a remedy for external hemorrhoids. It is best to use several different medicines. Thus, you can not only eliminate all symptoms, but also get rid of the disease.

Every patient should know that the drugs used for external hemorrhoids are used by both men and women. This is due to the fact that gender is not a differential sign in the fight against the disease.

The choice of treatment for external hemorrhoids should depend on the clinical picture. Since the disease can be accompanied by:

  • Bleeding
  • With a sharp pain
  • Purulent discharge
  • A tumor
  • Necrosis.

It is important that the disease is diagnosed at the 1st or 2nd stage. In this case, there is no doubt that medicines for external hemorrhoids will quickly cope with their task.

Means for the treatment of external hemorrhoids

Men who are faced with the problem of cavernous formations for a long time hesitate to visit a doctor. Every day the patient's condition worsens, the symptoms become apparent, and the treatment is difficult. If you undergo a timely examination, a specialist will prescribe drugs that can cope with external hemorrhoids.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to treat external hemorrhoids with tablets, ointments and suppositories. Only with combination therapy, you can get rid of the disease. Doctors recommend that patients use the following medicines:

  • Detralex, you can reduce the extensibility of venous capillaries. This drug has angioprotective and venotonic properties. The advantage of Detralex is that it is dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription,
  • Ginkor Forte can restore venous circulation. The substance has a capillaroprotective effect. You can also reduce pain,
  • Troxevasin can eliminate pain and itching. The medicine has venotonic and venoprotective properties,
  • Vinylinum, promotes healing and cleansing of wounds. The drug has an antimicrobial and enveloping effect.

In order for the tablets to help with external hemorrhoids, it is necessary to use ointments and suppositories.

Additional drugs for external hemorrhoids

When the first symptoms of the disease appear, many patients go for pills. For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, it is necessary to use not only medicines, but also ointments. Many doctors recommend that you pay attention to the following drugs:

  • Levomekol is able to get rid of bacteria, inflammation and pain. Despite the fact that Levomekol has been used by doctors for several years, it is considered the best of its kind,
  • Vishnevsky ointment. A similar remedy for external hemorrhoids promotes the healing of cracks and other wounds. Also, the medicine can relieve swelling,
  • Troxevasin. Due to its enveloping property, the ointment is able to penetrate deeply into damaged tissue. Troxevasin helps to eliminate secretions from the rectum, and also heals wounds. It is best to apply the ointment after bowel movement,
  • Relief This is an effective tool used in cavernous formations, has the effect of adrenaline. After use, blood stasis in the venous plexus disappears,
  • Proctosan. This is one of the most effective remedies for external cavernous formations. It is recommended to apply to the anus with a swab or cloth. After application, the cracks quickly heal, and the pain syndrome goes away.

All these remedies for external hemorrhoids can be used to treat women and men. It is important that the patient remembers contraindications. When using any medication, it is necessary to study the instructions and follow the doctor’s instructions.

In addition to tablets and ointments for external hemorrhoids, doctors recommend the use of suppositories. Before using any suppository, it is recommended to consult a proctologist. This is necessary so that there are no problems and side effects during treatment. The best remedies include:

Patients should remember that even the best medicine for the external cavernous plexus should be combined with other drugs. Only in this way, you can quickly get rid of the disease.

Remedies for external hemorrhoids during pregnancy

A disease such as hemorrhoids is a serious problem for pregnant and already giving birth to patients. Unfortunately, even effective pills from external hemorrhoids are not recommended to be taken, as this can affect the baby's well-being. In order not to have problems in the future, it is necessary to discuss treatment with doctors from the antenatal clinic.

The best remedies used to treat external hemorrhoids include:

  • Candles or Relief Ointment. This is a universal and effective remedy for the external cavernous plexus, contains shark liver. Relief’s advantage is that it can be used even with grade 3 disease,
  • Suppositories Neo-Anuzol. This is the best inexpensive remedy for external hemorrhoids in women. The only exception is intolerance to preparations containing iodine,
  • Hepatrombin. A similar drug can be taken after the first trimester. Otherwise, there are no restrictions,
  • Heparin ointment. This is the cheapest tool used for external hemorrhoidal formations. The cost of packaging is not more than 50 rubles. Due to its composition, the tool promotes the rapid healing of cracks,
  • Sea buckthorn candles. Similar cures for external hemorrhoids are the best of their kind. They contribute to the rapid healing of cracks and the elimination of pain,
  • When severe constipation occurs with external hemorrhoids, laxative tablets should be used. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor.

What is external hemorrhoids?

External (differently external) hemorrhoids is a condition in which hemorrhoids are located under the skin outside, around the anus. This form should not be confused with dropped internal nodes.

With external hemorrhoids, bleeding is extremely rare. This is because the skin is stronger than the mucous membrane, which covers the internal nodes. In this case, the external form manifests itself as more pronounced pain and discomfort.

Heparin ointment

The most common remedy that is aimed at treatment, while the effective action of the drug relieves pain.

Under its action, due to inhibition of blood coagulation, blood clots resolve, blood flow increases, and the inflammatory process stops.

The node is reduced, or even completely disappears.

The price of such an ointment for a tube of 25 g is about 70 rubles.

According to reviews of patients suffering from hemorrhoids, this inexpensive tool is just a savior. Many got rid of their problem at all.

Proctosed ointment

This is a combination drug.

Its components act in all directions:

  • heparin helps get rid of blood clots.
  • Framecithin sulfate destroys pathogenic flora.
  • Esculoside improves the state of blood vessels, thereby preventing a decrease in tone and the occurrence of bleeding.
  • Benzocaine paired with butamben relieve spasm of the anal ring, relieve itching and pain.

This medicine cannot be used by pregnant women, lactating women and infants. It also has contraindications for hypertension and heart failure.

The price varies from 200 to 350 rubles per 10 g.

Reviews about the drug Proctosedyl positive. Quickly relieves pain. It cures completely uncomplicated hemorrhoids.


The action of the gel is aimed at treating the vessel:

  1. restores the normal structure of the tissue of the vessel wall, restoring its elasticity,
  2. strengthens, not allowing to stretch even under heavy loads,
  3. enhances blood flow, thereby relieving swelling and inflammation,
  4. neutralizes substances that make blood vessels brittle.

Ointment does not have a pronounced negative effect. However, there are no studies on the use for the treatment of children, therefore, up to 15 years of age, Troxevasin gel is not used. For the same reasons, pregnant and lactating are prescribed in case of emergency.

The price of Troxevasin-gel is about 200 rubles for 40 g.

People who used this remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids respond well about it. The gel quickly relieves puffiness and relieves pain, and with a course of treatment it cures the initial stage of the disease.

Non-hormonal complex effect:

  • neutralizes inflammation,
  • relieves pain
  • dries the skin
  • heals wounds and cracks.

It is not used to treat children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as for individual intolerance.

The price of Proctosan ointment is about 400 rubles for 10 g.

The cost of the drug is higher than that of other analogue agents. But the reviews of doctors and patients say high efficiency, both in the treatment of the first and second stages of the disease, so as to quickly get rid of the symptoms.

A serious tool based on the hormonal component.

Contains lidocaine and dexpanthenol. It treats, restores the skin, disinfects and relieves pain.

Hormone treatment can be used only under the supervision of a physician, and also has a time limit.

It has a number of contraindications.

The price of Aurobin ointment is from 250 rubles.

According to patients and doctors, the tool copes with exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids, relieves pain and related troubles (cracks, irritation, etc.).

Thanks to advertising, a remedy for hemorrhoids is very famous.

It has the following properties:

  1. restores local immunity,
  2. neutralizes inflammation,
  3. constricts blood vessels
  4. heals damage to the skin and mucous membranes.

The price of Relief ointment is about 400 rubles.

According to patients, the drug quickly eliminates hemorrhoids in the initial stage, as well as relieves manifestations of exacerbations of a chronic disease.

Features of the treatment of external inflammation with candles

Candles are more suitable for use with internal nodes, but all individually. Perhaps for someone this option will be more convenient. The use of suppositories with ointments is also not forbidden. Moreover, almost every ointment has an analog in candles.

These candles are used for inflammatory processes in the rectum, which is characteristic of any kind of hemorrhoids.

Relieve pain, stop bleeding.

Protects the surface of the mucous membrane.

The price of Anuzol candles is about 45 rubles.

For many patients, these suppositories helped to completely get rid of the disease, but in severe forms it was either ineffective or useless at all.

There are contraindications and side effects!

Sea-buckthorn candles

Sea buckthorn oil is a natural, highly effective healing agent.

Eliminates discomfort and itching.

The absence of any harm to health allows the use of the drug to treat infants, pregnant women and other risk groups among patients.

The price is from 50 rubles.

According to patients, the drug is effective, but only at the initial stage of the disease.

With methyluracil

They have an antibiotic in their composition, help relieve inflammation, heal the mucous membrane, and relieve symptoms. Possible use by pregnant women.

The price is from 60 rubles.

Has great reviews. Most patients are completely satisfied with the drug. Although in isolated cases, it caused an allergic reaction.

Combined tool for action in all directions:

  • relieves pain
  • heals
  • eliminates inflammation,
  • dries
  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

The price of Anestezol is from 70 rubles.

In most cases, the reviews are positive, but there have been cases of severe side effects.

It acts on all fronts: relieves pain and inflammation, heals the affected area, improves blood flow, destroys pathogenic flora.

The price of candles Ihtiol is about 70 rubles.

Most patients are satisfied with the effect, but there are cases when the candles were useless.

There are Betiol suppositories in which ichthyol is combined with belladonna extract.

Suppositories with belladonna

Relieve cramps, kill pathogenic flora, relieve inflammation, relieve pain.

The price is about 45 rubles.

There are a number of contraindications and side effects.

Reviews speak in favor of this drug, but not everyone is happy with it.

Features of the use of drugs

The use of ointments and suppositories from hemorrhoids has its own characteristics and rules for use:

  1. depending on the type of drug, the frequency of administration may vary.
  2. Use better after defecation.
  3. Pre-wash with soap and water and dry the anus.
  4. The ointment is applied in several stages as it is absorbed, it is possible to apply a gauze dressing with ointment.
  5. Candles flow, so after installation you should lie about 30 minutes.
  6. In case of unpleasant sensations, you should immediately stop treatment with this tool and consult a doctor for advice.
  7. Do not delay the treatment, ointments and suppositories help only at the initial stage.
  8. Ointments with hormones and antibiotics should be used only as directed by a doctor. Incorrect use of them threatens with serious complications.

Therapy Basics

This is a non-infectious disease, but it is characterized by an inflammatory process, as a result of which an increase in veins of a pathological nature is observed. The first sign is the appearance of cones or hemorrhoids.

The external form, in contrast to the internal one, is manifested by vivid symptoms only during periods of exacerbation. Relapse of the appearance of symptoms after treatment can be ruled out if it is properly organized.

Cones can form in different sizes and are located around the colon.

It is worth starting treatment of the disease as soon as possible.

With this form of hemorrhoids, candles are not prescribed, only with internal. The composition of ointments necessarily includes hormones that prevent the formation of blood clots.

The main groups of drugs for treating the disease

All ointments prescribed to patients have a special combination of elements that have a different therapeutic effect:

  • blood thinners
  • anti-inflammatory hormones
  • local anesthetics.

Ointments can have elements that have an antibacterial effect. Using such a tool is much easier, therefore, the popularity of this method of treatment is more than that of tablets and suppositories.

According to the principle of action, all ointments can be divided into:

  • bactericidal and anti-inflammatory,
  • hemostatics
  • phlebotonics,
  • anesthetics.

The effectiveness of the use of ointments has been tested in practice, the active substances of such drugs quickly penetrate the focus of the problem and have an effective effect at the local level.

No side effects are out of the question, except for a local allergic reaction to the components.

The choice of a specific drug is not an idle question

Among all the ointments on the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, there are several of the most effective and inexpensive:

  1. Vishnevsky ointment. It has long been used in the fight against hemorrhoids. The formula of the drug is quite effective, so the ointment remains in demand always, especially in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. Apply the product on a piece of cotton wool, which is applied to the place of formation of the cone. Before the start of the course, a compress with potassium permanganate is made per day, in the future, an ointment is used without preliminary actions. Vishnevsky ointment is a non-specialized drug for hemorrhoids, but thanks to it, you can relieve inflammation and cope with the disease.
  2. Heparin ointment. Helps fix the problem even at an advanced stage. They have been using the drug for more than a decade, it copes with the problem of the formation of thrombosis arising from an excess of fibrin. The components of the ointment help to reduce the amount of protein in the blood, remove puffiness, eliminate hematomas. The composition contains anestezin, due to which pain can be reduced. To use the ointment is on a cotton swab, two to three times a day.
  3. Troxevasin ointment. It can also be used in the last stage of the disease. The components of the composition help normalize the state of the veins, give strength to the vessels, reduce the symptoms of the disease as a whole, if you use the tool systematically. Doctors recommend combining Troxevasin with ascorbic acid to speed up the healing process. The effect of the ointment is aimed at reducing swelling and reducing the risks of thrombosis. The composition is carefully rubbed into the problem area in a small amount three times a day.
  4. Posterized. A modern and unique tool that promotes tissue regeneration and increased cellular immunity. The main component is Escherichia coli, which stimulates the immune system and activates the fight against pathogenic flora. In addition, the ointment relieves burning and itching well.
  5. Proctosan. The main active component is bismuth. After using this remedy, it is possible to quickly solve the bleeding problem with a complicated form of external hemorrhoids. With this medication, itching and pain can be easily eliminated.
  6. Relief. A very popular remedy that helps to reduce bleeding. The ointment contains phenylephrine and liver oil sharks that positively affect the main source of the problem.
  7. Bezornil. A component-rich preparation containing pearls, borneol, musk, zinc carbonate, bezoar, amber. An ointment was developed in accordance with the ideas and principles of Chinese medicine. Among the main effects, after using the drug, patients identified: the elimination of pain, itching, swelling and bleeding.
  8. Hirudoproct. This is an ideal tool for those who prefer to be treated with natural ingredients. The composition includes: leech extract, horse chestnut, which perfectly cope with irritation and pain. Another element - methyluracil has an anti-inflammatory effect, is able to regenerate tissues, which is important for external hemorrhoids.

What ointments are suitable for exacerbation?

In the period of exacerbation of the problem, patients especially feel uncomfortable, except for constant burning and itching, they experience increased pain.

There is a category of drugs that help to quickly cope with inflammation, their active substances instantly penetrate the focus of the problem and eliminate the primary symptoms.

Most often, they trust the treatment of hemorrhoids in the acute phase of Ichthyol ointment, which not only perfectly anesthetizes, but also has a disinfecting effect. The main component of this product is ichthammol, extracted from shale resin.

Well solves the problem of acute external hemorrhoids Heparin ointment, which contains heparin. This component reduces pain, removes inflammation in a short time, and helps to remove hematomas.

This is a direct action, related to anticoagulants. With the help of Heparin ointment, old thrombotic formations can be removed, moreover, after penetration under the tissues it prevents the formation of new blood clots.

How to help a pregnant woman?

Of particular difficulty was the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation, because not all components of the medicines taken by mouth could be used by women.

Today this issue is solved very easily due to the presence of a wide variety of ointments on the pharmacology market.

Most often, doctors prescribe Fleming ointment to pregnant and lactating patients. There is nothing in its composition that could harm mom and baby. Use this tool with patients of advanced age, when it is important to pay attention to gentle therapy.

You can safely use Vishnevsky ointment, which contains only castor oil, xeroform and tar.

She has a good analgesic effect, there are no side effects, except for individual intolerance to the components of the ointment, and the drug is used at any stage of hemorrhoids.

Another universal ointment is considered Levomekol, you can find it in any pharmacy. After application, inflammation quickly resembles tissue regeneration.

The ointment provides a comprehensive treatment, the components in its composition help to quickly heal anal fissures and prevent further infection, moreover, itching and burning go away.

Whatever tool is used for external hemorrhoids, a doctor should prescribe it, the only way to talk about the effectiveness and safety of treatment.

The specificity of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids is characterized by the presence of varicose nodules, covered with mucous membranes, located outside the anal canal. Diagnosis of the disease does not cause difficulties, because there are severe symptoms: discomfort and pain during bowel movements, edematous and inflamed venous nodes around the anus, traces of blood that appear during bowel movements. The cause of the formation of cones is the weakening of the walls of the venous vessels, as a result of which blood circulation is disturbed and stagnation occurs.


Means, which include heparin, contribute to blood thinning and prevent thrombosis (Heparin ointment, Hepatrombin G).


Strengthen the protective properties of the body and prevent the development of complications of the disease (Posterisan).

Posterisan strengthens the protective properties of the body and prevents the development of complications with hemorrhoids.


Ointment, including glucocorticosteroid fluocortolone and anesthetic cinchocaine, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, eliminates itching and burning in the anus. Heals anal fissures and accelerates tissue regeneration, has anti-allergic effect.

Ultraproct quite effectively eliminates itching and burning in the anus.

Hepatrombin G

The drug has a complex effect: it reduces the inflammatory process and relieves swelling, improves blood circulation, prevents the occurrence of blood stasis in the veins and the formation of blood clots, and contributes to the rapid restoration of damaged tissues.

External use of the drug relieves the acute symptoms of the disease: itching, burning, swelling. It has a regenerating, bactericidal and anesthetic effect, slows down inflammatory processes.


The tribenzoid, which is part of the ointment, eliminates stagnation in the veins and helps to strengthen them, reduces the permeability of capillaries. It has an analgesic effect due to lidocaine, which is also part of the composition.

Homeopathic ointment, which includes horse chestnut extract. Its use gives a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic and venotonic effect.

The use of Esculius ointment will give a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic and venotonic effect.


The active components of the ointment are: hydrocortisone, heparin, esculoside, framecitin sulfate, benzocaine and butamben. This is an effective antibiotic with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, eliminating pain during hemorrhoids and preventing the formation of blood clots.

The effectiveness of the ointment is based on the action of bufexamak, lidocaine, bismuth and titanium, which provide analgesia, eliminate itching and relieve inflammation.

Also, the drug helps to accelerate tissue regeneration and reduces the risk of bleeding.

It does not contain hormonal substances.

The ointment is created in accordance with the recipes of Chinese medicine based on natural ingredients. It has analgesic, antimicrobial, hemostatic and drying effects, contributes to the rapid healing of damaged tissues and the removal of edema.


A bactericidal preparation containing chloramphenicol and stimulating the body's immune defense.

Levomekol ointment prevents the occurrence of complications associated with purulent infection of the affected surface with hemorrhoids.

It has wound healing, anti-inflammatory and drying effects. Prevents complications associated with purulent infection of the affected surface.

An ointment based on natural raw materials (shark liver oil), which has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects. Quickly relieves acute symptoms of inflammation, heals anal fissures and eliminates pain.


Ointment based on the vital products of bacteria (antigens), which increase local tissue immunity and protect against pathogens. The drug helps to improve the condition of blood vessels and increase the tone of smooth muscles, relieves swelling and redness, has an analgesic effect.

Posterisan relieves pain with external hemorrhoids.

Vishnevsky ointment

An ointment based on the antiseptic xeroform, castor oil and birch tar. It has a quick wound healing, disinfecting and antiseptic effect.

Vishnevsky ointment heals and disinfects wounds with external hemorrhoids.

Briefly about external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids appear in the late stages of the disease and are characterized by an acute inflammatory process localized in the hemorrhoid plexus. The later therapy is started, the more difficult the process of curing an illness.

The external form of hemorrhoids in most cases, accompanied by an abnormal expansion of the veins surrounding the anus, and the presence of internal pathological processes.

Despite the fact that external hemorrhoids is most often a manifestation of internal hemorrhoids, it differs from the latter by nodes around the anus, which visually resemble clusters of grapes.

Causes and symptoms

External hemorrhoids cause severe itching and burning, periodic pain and bleeding. The act of defecation is accompanied by severe discomfort, and a feeling of heaviness is observed in the anus.

The exacerbation that provokes thrombosis of the cones is often accompanied by swelling, an increase in size and prolapse of hemorrhoids. It usually lasts from four days to a week, after which it flows into the stage of remission.

External hemorrhoids most often occur for the following reasons:

  • frequent constipation
  • overweight, obesity,
  • high physical activity
  • lack of physical activity.

In the high-risk group are people whose diet is dominated by fried, fatty, salty and smoked foods, and there is a lack of fiber of plant origin.

Bad habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking, are among the most popular factors that trigger hemorrhoids.

The external form of the disease is often accompanied by anal fissures and severe tugging pains.

What is the best treatment for hemorrhoids

The best remedy for external hemorrhoids is unlikely to exist, since it is most effective to treat such a disease through well-chosen comprehensive measures. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase muscle tone, which is responsible for supporting the intestinal tract and anus.

Combination therapy of external hemorrhoids involves the following measures:

  • prevention of constipation
  • the use of various ointments and creams,
  • the use of oral pharmaceuticals
  • traditional medicine.

Comprehensive treatment should include the use of non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs, nitrates, angioprotectors and phlebotonics, which improve the condition of veins and blood vessels, as well as laxatives necessary to completely empty the intestines and facilitate the bowel movement.

It is necessary to saturate your own diet with certain cereals, dairy products, fresh vegetables and dried fruits.

Medicines for external hemorrhoids are mainly made from natural components, which makes their use relatively safe and acceptable even during pregnancy and lactation.

The therapeutic effect of the tablets unfolds in a fairly short time, and for their use does not require special conditions or the implementation of any hygienic preparatory procedures. Most often, the following types of tablets are prescribed from external forms of hemorrhoids:

  1. Posterized. It has a moderate laxative effect, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues and prevents tearing of the mucous membranes, making them more resistant to deformation. Reduces the intensity of the formation of blood clots.
  2. Detralex Makes veins more elastic, and significantly reduces the risk of rupture of blood vessels. Not recommended for use by the elderly, as well as pregnant and lactating.
  3. Hemoroidin It is a phytotherapeutic drug that stops bleeding, relieves pain and discomfort. It is necessary to take it with a course lasting from three weeks.
  4. Ginkor Fort. This venotonic drug has a natural composition, has a strengthening effect on the vascular system and stabilizes blood microcirculation. Effective in exacerbating external forms of hemorrhoids. The duration of the course varies between 5-8 days.
  5. Antrasennin. Refers to laxatives with a natural composition. Effective in case of frequent constipation and problems with bowel movements.
  6. Pilex - A very effective remedy for hemorrhoids of the external type. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, venotonic, antioxidant, wound healing and decongestant effects. Tablets with an angioprotective effect are prescribed to reduce vascular permeability, get rid of edema and reduce the intensity of inflammation.

To prevent sphincter spasms, the doctor may prescribe nitrates, as well as a number of auxiliary drugs aimed at improving intestinal motility.

Most ointments intended for external use are applied to damaged mucous membranes, cracks and wounds.

Similar medications are distinguished by deep penetration and pronounced local effects.. Their effectiveness is comparable to rectal suppositories, however, using creams and ointments is much simpler than suppositories.

To date, the most common are the following products:

  1. Relief Advance. The composition of the ointment contains a number of anti-inflammatory and wound healing substances, as well as an anesthetic.It is used several times a day after mandatory hygiene procedures have been carried out.
  2. Heparin-based ointment is a prophylactic that resists blood clots. Contraindicated in hemorrhoidal bleeding and individual intolerance to individual components of the drug.
  3. Troxerutin is the main active ingredient in the Troxevasin gel. It prevents the onset and development of puffiness, and also helps to increase the tone of capillaries and veins. It is necessary to use the gel as prescribed by the doctor as an auxiliary element of complex therapy.
  4. Fleming's ointment is a good remedy for hemorrhoids of the external type, which in addition to zinc oxide includes menthol, esculus, witch hazel, and calendula officinalis.

What can be used during pregnancy

To choose funds from external hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and lactation, you need to be very careful.

Trusting such a task is necessary exclusively qualified medical specialist. Most often, at various trimesters of pregnancy, drugs such as Vishnevsky ointment are prescribed, ichthyol ointment or proctosan.

One of the best drugs during pregnancy is heparin ointment, since it has a minimal amount of side effects.

A good and safe alternative to pharmaceuticals for women in the state are fitovannochki with a lunatic, calendula, meadow clover and other medicinal herbs.

What is the most effective remedy?

The optimal remedy for external hemorrhoids should be selected by the attending physician based on a study of the medical history, contraindications and individual characteristics of the patient.

The best efficiency can be achieved through combination therapy, which involves taking pharmaceuticals, traditional medicine and following the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

In order to determine the best remedy for hemorrhoids for men of the external type, it is necessary to take into account many different factors.


For a complete cure from external hemorrhoids, it is necessary to get rid of addictions, such as drinking alcohol and smoking. It is recommended to refuse flour products, fatty, fried and spicy foods, as well as coffee and cocoa, as they can cause constipation.

People working in offices and leading a sedentary lifestyle should be given at least 15-30 minutes a day to charging, swimming or walking.

Clinical picture

Hemorrhoids in advanced cases becomes chronic and accompanies a person for many years. Most often, men suffer from this pathological condition. Three stages of the disease are distinguished depending on the intensity of the manifestations of external hemorrhoids.

Over 30 years of my practice have shown that there are no miracles in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and at the same time, there are tools that can help a lot of people with this delicate problem.

  1. Initial stage. With it, uncomfortable sensations are observed, during the appearance of which one can think about the development of the disease. Over time, a burning sensation and pain during an act of defecation begin to join. When viewed around the anus, bumps are observed that are located outside. With their palpation, pain also appears.
  2. Second stage. Its course is characterized by an inflammatory process of nodes and thrombosis. The main difference from other stages is that the symptoms of the disease intensify, and pain occurs even with the slightest movement.
  3. The third stage is characterized by extremely severe pain, which in some cases becomes unbearable. In the inflammatory process, not only hemorrhoidal nodes are involved, but also subcutaneous tissues of the pelvic area, an increase in body temperature is observed. As for treatment, in this case, the only way out is surgery, because hemorrhoidal cones can reach large sizes and bring severe pain. In case of untimely seeking help, the lump may burst, and this in turn will lead to bleeding, which can cause serious complications.

Another symptom that distinguishes external hemorrhoids from internal, is the absence of blood secretions. If traces of blood appear on the paper or in the stool during external hemorrhoids, this indicates a crack or wound, because the external hemorrhoids are not injured by solid feces, since they do not adjoin it. But blood stasis, which is permanent, leads to the development of thrombosis.

If external hemorrhoids is in remission, then it does not manifest itself in any way (clinical manifestations and symptoms will be absent).

The causes of this pathological condition

The appearance of cones is usually observed as a result of stagnant blood in the veins. For women, this problem is familiar, because hemorrhoids often begin to appear during the bearing of a child, during breastfeeding and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The size of the hemorrhoidal nodes depends on the degree of filling them with blood.

As for men, their hemorrhoids usually appear as a result of stagnation of blood in the veins of the small pelvis. Such a pathological symptom can occur as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, which is most often associated with the type of profession, as a result of lifting heavy loads or with constipation. Common causes for men are alcohol abuse and smoking.

As a result of the onset of symptoms, sick people try to find out which medicine can be used, what complications may arise, and whether it is necessary to immediately seek medical help. Further we will provide recommendations for the treatment of this pathological condition.

Hemorrhoids is a serious disease that causes a lot of anxiety, fortunately, there are remedies that help both relieve symptoms and help heal. One of them .


Treatment of any type of hemorrhoids should include not only medications, but also some changes in your usual lifestyle. Otherwise, it will appear again and again, as a result of which surgical intervention will be required.

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Change the diet: it is necessary to consume as much fluid and foods containing fiber as possible. It is this that will ensure the softening of feces and their easier exit (the anus injury factor will be eliminated).
  3. If necessary, take laxatives. The laxative effect can be achieved with prunes and herbal preparations. This recommendation requires special attention, because bowel movement on a regular basis can help prevent the appearance of nodes or lead to the disappearance of existing ones.
  4. Do not use toilet paper to wipe - it is better to blot the area of ​​the anus with a damp cloth or rinse with warm water without soap. This will eliminate the feeling of overthrow.
  5. It is better to sleep lying on your stomach with a pillow or a roller under your feet. Such a posture will help reduce the manifestation of edema.
  6. Move as much as possible, do gymnastic exercises that are prescribed to treat hemorrhoids.
  7. When seated, place a pillow on the chair. From time to time you need to get up and walk around the office.

Note! People who adhere to these recommendations can get rid of external hemorrhoids in the initial stage without the use of medications.

Drug treatment

The selection of medication for external hemorrhoids is carried out in accordance with the clinical manifestations of the disease so that they do not harm the body. Most often, drugs are prescribed in the form of suppositories, ointments and gels, because they have a high level of effectiveness and provide an antibacterial and analgesic effect.

And if they are combined with other drugs, then even the advanced form of the disease can be cured. The treatment of external hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy is also carried out using some of the following agents.

The most effective are suppositories, which have antiseptic, decongestant, immunostimulating properties, and also eliminate itching and pain. These candles include the following.

  1. Anuzol This medicine contains belladonna extract, which provides the elimination of inflammatory processes and spasms in a short period of time. Before using them, you need to consult a specialist, because these candles are contraindicated in men who have diseases of the prostate gland.
  2. Relief Advance. The composition of these suppositories includes phenylephrine, benzocaine and shark liver oil, which have the ability to eliminate cone swelling, and also positively affect vascular insufficiency and inflammation.
  3. Proctosed. An effective medicine that has a therapeutic effect on all body systems. But before using it, you need to consider that it contains hormones in its composition, therefore it is forbidden to use it without a doctor’s prescription.
  4. Proctosan. Active ingredients are bufexamak, bismuth subgnallate, tatane dioxide and lidocaine. The combination of these substances quickly eliminates inflammation, itching and pain. Using the drug helps prevent bleeding.
  5. Methyluracil candles. Methyluracil eliminates inflammatory processes and accelerates metabolism at the local level, providing restoration of damaged areas.

An excellent effect of treatment is observed in the case of a combination of the use of suppositories with the use of tablet preparations:

But remember that their admission must be approved by a doctor.

Ointments and creams

Ointments are applied directly to the hemorrhoid or inserted into the anus using a special swab or applicator. Depending on the component of the ointment is divided into:

  • natural
  • synthetic
  • homeopathic
  • multicomponent.

Due to the uniform distribution of the active substance in an ointment basis, these drugs are characterized by the rapid achievement of a therapeutic effect. They quickly eliminate the pathological manifestations of the disease. The positive side of the use is the absence of adverse reactions. The only drawback is the possible contamination of the laundry.

Most often used:

  • Relief Advance ointment,
  • Relief Ultra,
  • Proctosan
  • Proctosed,
  • Beornless
  • Vishnevsky ointment,
  • Hepatrombin,
  • Fleming's ointment,
  • Levomekol.

Starting to treat external hemorrhoids, you need to remember that in addition to using medications, you need to change your lifestyle and diet. Otherwise, the effect of the treatment will be temporary.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

Proctology classifies the disease depending on the location of the external, internal and combined.

  1. External is characterized by prolapse of hemorrhoids and the inability to insert them back. As a rule, this happens already at the second or third stage of the disease. Effective ointments from external hemorrhoids stop the pain, itching and burning, which inevitably accompany the ailment. There are many modern means, using which at the initial stage of external manifestations, you can get rid of possible complications, the most terrible of which is thrombosis.
  2. Internal hemorrhoids are most often characteristic in the initial stages of the disease. Nodes have not yet fallen out, and if this happens, you can easily set them inward. The patient feels pain and slight discomfort after the act of defecation. In this case, after going to the toilet on the toilet paper remains of blood. This is a completely natural process: during bowel movements, the nodes become inflamed, and the smallest of them burst. Hence the traces of blood. In the later stages, when large nodes burst, quite serious bleeding may develop.
  3. The combined type of disease is characteristic of the last stages of the disease. The nodes are located both inside the rectum and outside. In this case, most often you can not do without surgical treatment. Ointments from external hemorrhoids at this stage are already powerless. The maximum that can be expected from their use is a slight relief of symptoms.

Causes of the disease

The disease provokes an incorrect lifestyle, as well as a hereditary tendency to thinning of the venous walls.

  1. Improper nutrition, which provokes constant constipation and pathology of the digestive tract, is not at all as harmless as it seems at first glance. Raw vegetables and fruits should be in the diet daily - this will help get rid of constipation and minimize the possibility of complications of hemorrhoidal disease. People who regularly eat properly, ointments from external hemorrhoids are useless.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle is issue number two. Even if the patient is forced to lead a sedentary existence, you should get up once an hour and do a light workout for ten minutes so that the blood flows from the pelvic organs and the veins get rest. It is very important to accelerate blood circulation as often as possible in this way.
  3. Serious physical activity is possible both during specific work (builders, movers) and unauthorized weightlifting. Regular weight lifting provokes tension of the rectum - this leads to tension of the veins, they are full of blood. As a result, the walls become thinner and hemorrhoidal nodes begin to form.
  4. A hereditary predisposition to cardiovascular disease often causes not only hemorrhoids, but also varicose veins. As a result, a person is a regular patient of a phlebologist. Knowing your propensity for vascular diseases, you should regularly (several times a year) drink a course of venotonic drugs. This will help thin the blood and improve its composition, as well as help strengthen the venous walls. In some cases, such a prophylaxis is enough for the external hemorrhoids to recede.

Types of pharmacological agents by type of action

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with ointment is a simple and effective way to alleviate discomfort in the disease. All the abundance of pharmacological preparations for external local effects can be classified by type of action:

  • anticoagulants
  • hemostatics
  • angioprotectors
  • venotonic
  • steroid drugs
  • ointments from external hemorrhoids with astringent effect,
  • immunomodulatory drugs.

Depending on the stage and symptoms, one or another remedy will be more effective. Optimal if the patient visits a proctologist. A professional will evaluate how far the disease has gone, and depending on this, he will prescribe ointments that are optimal in a particular case.

Proctology involves a complex effect in hemorrhoids:

  • medication
  • minimally invasive
  • surgical intervention.

Rectal suppositories, tablets, and ointments are medical treatments. They are effective in the first and second stages, until hemorrhoids have not yet become combined.

Minimally invasive methods are sclerotherapy, exposure to liquid nitrogen and other local methods of exposure with modern hardware.

Surgical intervention requires in the later stages of the disease, when all other methods are no longer effective.Hemorrhoidal nodes can reach a size of up to four centimeters in diameter - the patient experiences excruciating pain and agrees to perform the operation even without anesthesia, just to get rid of the manifestations of the disease. Today's operations are carried out under local anesthesia - but the postoperative period is quite complicated and brings a lot of suffering to patients. Therefore, it is easier to use effective ointments from external hemorrhoids and prevent serious complications.

The use of anticoagulants for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids ointments, the main active ingredient of which is an anticoagulant (most often sodium heparin), have proven themselves in the treatment at the initial stages. Heparin sodium reduces blood viscosity, prevents clogging of hemorrhoids and thrombosis of cavernous formations.

In addition, heparin improves the fibrinolytic quality of the blood, so that existing blood clots in the veins resolve. In the complex, anticoagulant drugs positively affect blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and tone.

  1. Heparin ointment is the most popular anticoagulant remedy. It is cheap - depending on the manufacturer, the cost of the tube varies from fifty to one hundred and fifty rubles. In some cases, heparin ointment is released, enriched with additional healing and anesthetic substances. Ointment prevents the appearance of blood clots, relieves pain and itching from hemorrhoids. Heparin ointment from external hemorrhoids helps relieve inflammation and has a local anesthetic effect. It should be applied in a thin layer to the anus three to four times a day.
  2. Ointment from external hemorrhoids “Hepatrombin B” contains heparin, prednisolone, lauromacrogol 600 as active ingredients. This remedy would act similarly to regular heparin ointment, if not for a richer composition. Prednisolone, which is a glucocorticosteroid, relieves inflammation, reduces the volume of exudate, reduces the severity of allergic reactions, itching and soreness in the anorectal region. Unfortunately, this component is addictive. While the patient uses this inexpensive and effective ointment from external hemorrhoids, the pain and discomfort recede, the nodes can go almost completely. But when you stop using the symptoms returns with a vengeance. Therefore, often "Hepatrombin B" is not recommended, it is better to combine it in a day or two with other means.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with hemostatics

The purpose of using these ointments from internal and external hemorrhoids is to prevent and stop bleeding. In the presence of large hemorrhoids, severe bleeding is not uncommon. Hemostatics contribute to the narrowing and healing of blood vessels, and also have a slight effect of dispersal of local blood circulation.

  1. "Relief" is the best ointment from external hemorrhoids, reviews of the action of which are almost all positive. The active components of this tool are phenylephrine hydrochloride, shark liver oil. These components stop bleeding, relieve pain with a bursting node, and contribute to vasoconstriction. shark liver oil has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. "Relief" is available in the form of ointment from external hemorrhoids and in the form of rectal suppositories for the internal type of disease. Bleeding can develop with both types of ailment. If the patient suffers from combined hemorrhoids, he must constantly have both forms of the drug at home.
  2. "Relief Advance" is another version of the ointment from the external nodes of hemorrhoids. Unlike the usual Relief, benzocaine is also part of this product. This is a fairly powerful local anesthetic. Proctologists recommend using Relief Advance if the pain syndrome is very strong and causes great discomfort. It is also the best ointment for external hemorrhoids, if it is complicated by constant constipation. digestive disorders very often cause the need to push during the act of defecation, which provokes very strong pain. Also, "Relief Advance" proctologists recommend using after surgical removal of nodes.

Therapy of external hemorrhoids with angioprotectors and venotonics

The therapeutic effect of angioprotectors and venotonics is aimed at restoring the “working capacity” of the vascular channels: increasing tone, improving the ability of capillaries and veins to withstand blood pressure, lowering permeability and brittle walls.

The restored capillary and venous vessels prevent the exudate from entering the rectal cavity, due to which swelling disappears, the inflammatory process stops, damaged tissues heal more likely due to normalization of blood circulation.

  1. "Troxevasin" is the best ointment for external hemorrhoids with a venotonic effect. the main active ingredient is troxerutin. It is a popular venotonic for external use. Few people know that Troxevasin is a cheap analogue called Troxerutin, which allows you to achieve exactly the same effect in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. If Troxevasin costs about three hundred rubles, then Troxerutin costs only about a hundred.
  2. "Procto-Glivenol" - an inexpensive and effective ointment for external hemorrhoids. The cost of one tube is about two hundred rubles. The main active ingredient of the drug is tribenoside. When applied to the anus, it exerts anesthetic and decongestant effect. apply the ointment in a thin layer several times a day. It is optimal to alternate the use of Procto-Glivenol with sodium heparin ointments.

The effect of steroid drugs with external hemorrhoids

The composition of steroidal agents includes analogues of hormonal substances (hydrocortisone, prednisone, etc.). They more effectively and quickly cope with inflammatory processes in the anorectal region.

Alas, the hormonal effect persists as long as the patient uses the ointment. After withdrawal, symptoms most often return with a vengeance. You should take this into account and use steroid ointments from external hemorrhoids with crawled out nodes in a day or two with other means.

  1. The main active ingredients of Proctosedil are sodium heparin, framycetin sulfate, esculoside, benzocaine. The manufacturer recommends applying the product in a thin layer to inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes two to three times a day. "Proctosedil" is not the best ointment from external hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The instructions in the list of contraindications are quite an impressive list: you should carefully read it before you start using the tool.
  2. "Ultraproct" is another ointment with steroid hormones in the composition. The main active ingredients are fluocortolone hexonate and fluocortolone pivalate. Effectively relieves itching after five to ten minutes after application. also has a local anesthetic effect. To prevent addiction to steroid ointment, proctologists recommend alternating its use with other means. If hemorrhoids do not bring severe pain and itching, it is better to opt for another remedy, since Ultraproct has quite a few contraindications.

Immunomodulating drugs in complex therapy

Reviews of ointments from external hemorrhoids with immunomodulatory effects are different. There are quite a few patients who were unsatisfied with the action of these funds.

  1. "Posterisan" is an ointment based on inactivated bacteria-analogues of E. coli. It has a local immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Reviews about this ointment are not all positive. Patients who have tested "Troxevasin" or "Relief Advance" know that these drugs more effectively deal with the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  2. Posterisan Forte is an almost complete analogue of Posterisan ointment, only hydrocortisone is also a part. The presence of this component can reduce itching and burning. Hydrocortisone also has a decongestant effect. Indications for use - perianal dermatitis, rectal fissures and itching, inflamed hemorrhoids.

Astringent Ointment

The drying and astringent components in the composition of ointments from external hemorrhoids for men and women are especially effective for weeping nodes. This is a rather rare type of pathology, in which pus and the blood flow through microcracks. Such nodes often cause severe inflammation. In some cases, urgent surgery is required. But if the weeping nodes with external hemorrhoids do not cause excessive discomfort, you can try to treat them at home. What ointment is better from external hemorrhoids if it is wet? You should pay attention to funds with borneol, bezoar.

  1. Bezornil - optimal ointment for wet nodes. The composition includes amber, borneol, artificial musk, artificial bezoar. There is also a special component - the amber metabolite. It has the ability to accelerate tissue regeneration. Indications for use - rectal fissures, external hemorrhoids, eczema and dermatitis of the anus. "Bezornil" differs from other ointments from external hemorrhoids by the minimum number of contraindications. It can be used during pregnancy (you should be careful - an allergic reaction to the active components of Bezornil is still possible).
  2. "Proctosan" is an ointment that compares favorably with others in composition. True, patient reviews about her are far from all positive. People note that "Troxevasin" and "Relief Advance" in the period of exacerbation of hemorrhoidal disease act much faster. The composition of "Proctosan" includes lidocaine hydrochloride, but in too scanty amounts. Often during an exacerbation, the action of this amount of lidocaine is simply not enough, as a result, patients are forced to resort to the help of other ointments with external hemorrhoids. Patients are dissatisfied with forced expenses and the lack of a sufficient therapeutic effect.

Antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid ointments with antiseptic action are well known to any person in our country.

They are also used for the treatment of furunculosis, dermatitis, eczema and other dermatological diseases.

  1. Vishnevsky ointment is produced by many pharmacological plants. But there are several components that are irreplaceable in the composition - it is birch tar, xeroform and castor oil. These components provide an excellent local antiseptic effect. But you should not expect from them too pronounced decongestant or analgesic effects. Xeroform is able in a short time to completely exterminate pathogenic microflora, has pronounced astringent properties. Castor oil has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the rectal mucosa. Birch tar is famous for its antiseptic, bactericidal properties. Tar is also able to activate blood flow in the tissues, which contributes to a certain decrease in hemorrhoidal nodes.
  2. "Levomekol" contains chloramphenicol, which has pronounced antibacterial properties. This is one of the cheapest and most effective remedies for external hemorrhoids. The cost of one jar is about forty rubles. The composition also includes methyluracil - a component that has a decongestant effect, reduces itching in the hemorrhoidal nodes.

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