Can I go on a diet for weight loss with gastritis and ulcers

If a person has gastritis, and also has extra pounds, a gastroenterologist will recommend a diet for weight loss.

Of course, the specialist will tell you which products are suitable for this purpose, taking into account the form of the diagnosed disease.

As you know, overweight with gastritis is provoked, first of all, by a poorly functioning liver and stress.

The type of stress that leads to mass gain is nervous tension, which causes irritability in a person in situations that he cannot influence.

It is worth noting that during gastritis it is necessary to adhere to a special dietary diet that can have a beneficial effect on the gastric wall.

Given a balanced diet and the use of the “right” foods, a systematic decrease in body weight in a patient is possible.

The diet for gastritis for weight loss should be prescribed by a medical specialist taking into account the individual characteristics of the body of a particular patient.

The basic principles and rules of losing weight

The best way to naturally lose weight with gastritis is through regular exercise and a balanced diet low in fat and sugar.

There are numerous weight loss plans that require patients to consume certain foods, exclude prohibited foods from the menu, have special food combinations, or even practice starvation.

These programs can lead to real weight loss, however, it will be short-lived in such cases.

As soon as a person suffering from gastritis and increased body weight returns to his usual menu, the lost weight is likely to return.

The same can be said about diet pills for gastritis. Various medications are used to increase metabolism and reduce appetite.

As with diets, these products usually result in short-term weight loss, followed by a gradual increase in weight as the pill is stopped.

It is important to remember that many diet pills are unsafe and can cause health problems and even some serious side effects.

In addition to medicines for losing weight with gastritis, there are some natural products that can help increase metabolism.

For example, cayenne pepper is recognized by many nutritionists and doctors as a means of accelerating metabolism.

Cayenne pepper is allowed to be used for gastritis along with performing a set of exercises and following a proper diet in order to lose weight naturally.

This pepper is preferably mixed with tomato juice, as well as with water and lemon juice, to increase its effectiveness.

One of the most popular methods of natural weight loss is a diet consisting mainly of vegetables, fruits, lean meat and whole grains.

The brighter and more diverse the vegetables, the better, since color saturation is usually an indicator of how rich a vegetable is with vitamins and nutrients.

Diet implies the presence of such meat dishes in the menu:

  • skinless chicken or turkey
  • fish,
  • lean red meat.

A whole-grain diet, such as brown rice, quinoa and barley, is also well suited for people suffering from gastritis.

Vegetarians who are trying to lose weight can naturally include protein-rich legumes such as lentils and soybeans, as well as soy-based foods such as tofu.

For patients suffering from gastritis, the main rule should be the daily consumption of a first meal. For gastritis, it is advisable to cook soups on pre-cooked vegetable broths.

It is highly discouraged to eat very hot food, as such food may be too heavy for a vulnerable gastrointestinal tract.

Very cold food is also prohibited for use by patients with gastritis, because the process of its digestion takes much longer and it can be delayed in the stomach cavity.

Food and dishes must have room temperature. You need to eat at a slow pace, you also need to thoroughly chew all small portions of food, making at least 20 chewing movements.

In the process of eating food, you do not need to turn your attention to the TV screen and computer. It is advisable to eat in a relaxed atmosphere (for example, in the kitchen) and enjoy the process.

Such eating procedures will bring not only pleasure, they will also contribute to better assimilation of food, and, as a result, weight loss.

Patients should include honey in the diet menu, as this natural product is characterized by the presence of anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey can also have a regenerating and restorative effect on the whole body.

For this reason, in the morning, experts recommend waking up thanks to the use of a special healing drink prepared according to a special recipe.

To make a drink you need:

  • finely chop the ginger root,
  • put it in a small container,
  • add boiling water to a container with ginger.

The drink should stand for half an hour, after which it is necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of honey in it.

This type of broth will have the most positive effect when used on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before a meal.

Cold honey drink drunk 15 minutes before eating can increase the secretion of gastric juices.

What is gastritis and ulcer

A disease in which the inner mucous membrane of the stomach becomes inflamed is called gastritis. With a similar process, pain, heartburn, bloating, nausea and other side effects that negatively affect the general condition and mood of a person appear.

With such symptoms, specialists immediately prescribe a diet that helps to reduce inflammation and normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Chronic gastritis can go into a more severe form and provoke the formation of a stomach ulcer. People with similar digestive problems are forced to eat properly throughout their lives. Losing weight during an exacerbation of the disease is a common occurrence. But, however, after the condition normalizes, and the pain goes away, it is common for a person to seize up stress and gradually gain weight.

The role of diet in the treatment of gastritis

Gastritis refers to diseases that cannot be cured with medications alone. A complete restructuring of the rhythm of life and eating habits will be required. An improper diet will reduce the effect of taking medications to zero. The choice of diet depends on the type of gastritis. But there are universal rules for eating with gastritis, such as:

  • regularity of nutrition
  • you must not allow large gaps between food and it is unacceptable to feel hungry,
  • food should be frequent: every 3 hours,
  • servings should be small: about 300-350 g per meal,
  • it is advisable not to combine the first dishes (soups) and the second in one meal
  • it is necessary to avoid foods high in fiber, which requires considerable effort for digestion (berries and fruits with a hard skin),
  • You can’t add spicy seasonings to your food,
  • food should be as soft as possible (thick soups, mashed potatoes, ground meat dishes).

The rules of nutrition for gastritis

The purpose of the diet is to stimulate the production of gastric juice. The diet for gastritis for weight loss in patients with low acidity of the stomach should be as follows: in the first 2 days you need to focus on meat and fish food. After this, you need to add such dishes to the diet:

  • mashed soups
  • porridge
  • cutlets
  • boiled vegetables (better mashed),
  • cottage cheese,
  • jelly.

The diet for gastritis for weight loss in patients with high acidity of the stomach aims to minimize acidity. The first two weeks of the diet should avoid meat dishes, only chicken stock is allowed. Milk well reduces acidity, so it can be added to tea or boil cereals in milk. It is better to eat vegetables in boiled and mashed form. After 2 weeks, you can gradually add lean meat (not fried and cooked without oil and spices), boiled eggs, meatballs to the diet. With increased acidity, the following products are prohibited:

  • bakery products,
  • roast,
  • dairy products,
  • smoked meats and canned food,
  • raw fruits and vegetables
  • pickles.

Weight loss with gastritis should be subject to a special system. The diet for gastritis requires the rejection of fried, salted, smoked, flour, and also prescribes fractional meals. But gastritis can be accompanied by obesity, so people who start treatment for gastritis, think about weight loss. Normal diets are designed for healthy people and with gastritis can cause a severe exacerbation of the disease. Despite this, you can find a safe diet for weight loss with gastritis. It is important to observe several rules:

  1. Avoid any sharp body shocks.
  2. Do not wait for a quick weight loss. Gradual weight loss is the key to safety and health promotion.
  3. Exclude alcohol completely.
  4. Do not look for ready-made diets for weight loss with gastritis. The most correct way is to create an individual diet with a personal gastroenterologist.
  5. It is important to maintain a fractional diet in small portions every 2-3 hours. In order not to overeat, you can buy a small saucer for all meals.
  6. Take chopped or mashed food more often.
  7. Do not eat after 19.30. With low acidity, you can drink a glass of kefir before bedtime, with high acidity - a glass of milk.
  8. Drink plenty of fluids (at least 1.5 liters of water per day).
  9. Chew food thoroughly and prevent distractions (TV, books, conversations).
  10. With gastritis, fasting days, mono-diets, and temporary restrictions on food intake are strictly prohibited. Even the well-known dietary rule may be harmful: do not eat after 18.00.

For effective weight loss without compromising health, you need to monitor the intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Fats are oils. The most useful for gastritis is olive, mustard, linseed oil will do. Protein enters the body with lean meat, cottage cheese, fish and eggs. The need for carbohydrates is covered by cereals and soups, as well as vegetables and fruits.

What foods will help you lose weight with gastritis?

  1. Porridge. They will suit any type of gastritis. Especially effective will be the use of rice porridge as the most dietary.
  2. Sour-milk products (kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurts). It is important to remember that dairy products are prohibited with high acidity.
  3. Boiled eggs. They cover the body's need for protein and are safe for any form of gastritis.
  4. Chicken broths with vegetables.
  5. Boiled lean meat (chicken, rabbit).

From sweets, you can add to the diet jelly, compotes, fruit drinks (excluding citrus, cranberry, grape with high acidity). A baked apple is suitable as an afternoon snack or snack. Other sweet foods (cakes, chocolate, sweets) are prohibited. Also prohibited are any semi-finished products, soda, strong tea and coffee. Shop mayonnaises and sauces teeming with sugar can be replaced with olive oil. Physical activity for weight loss with gastritis play an important role. A correctly selected set of exercises helps not only to lose weight, but also to control the acidity of the stomach. Exercises for weight loss with reduced secretion of the stomach:

  • warm-up - rotation of the head and hands 10-15 times,
  • steps in place, raising your knees as high as possible, exercise can be performed at a fast pace,
  • rolls from toe to heel and back,
  • in the initial position, lying on your back, alternately raise your hands up (both at the same time), then shoulders and head, without tearing off your legs, you need to finish the exercise by raising your legs (without bending).

With reduced secretion of gastric juice, exercises can be done at an accelerated pace. A moderate press load is allowed. Classes should be started 2 hours before a meal. Exercise for weight loss with high acidity:

  • warm-up - rotation of the head and hands - 10-15 times,
  • arms bent at the elbows to part to the sides - 30 times,
  • lift your legs side by side - 20 times,
  • throwing your head back, slowly bend in your back - 10 times,
  • while lying on your back, bend your legs alternately without lifting your heel off the floor (10 times).

Such exercises gradually increase blood circulation in the walls of the stomach. The main thing is to observe caution and smoothness in movements, not to allow increased load. You need to start gymnastics shortly before eating.

You can increase calorie consumption by moderate walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, yoga. Stretching exercises give a good effect.

Can I lose weight with gastritis?

Do you lose weight with gastritis? Yes, they are losing weight. The principles of therapeutic nutrition, which should be followed with such a disease, are similar to the principles of dietary nutrition.

First, light and almost dietary foods are allowed, the use of which will contribute to the correct and safe weight loss. Yes, it’s harmful and dangerous to severely limit yourself in food and to starve with gastritis, but starvation is also not useful for getting rid of extra pounds. The weight will probably go away quickly, but he will return as quickly.

Secondly, heavy foods are prohibited, which not only complicate the digestion process and irritate the mucous walls of the stomach, but also often contain many calories and, therefore, contribute to the formation of fatty deposits.

Thirdly, the basic rules of safe and rational weight loss are also applicable for gastritis. So losing weight with this disease is real.

Fundamental rules

The basic principles and rules of safe weight loss for gastritis:

  1. Fractional nutrition is encouraged and recommended. This means that the number of meals should be at least 5-6 times a day, and the interval between meals should not exceed 2-3 hours. This will avoid excessive production of gastric juice and prevent its irritating effect on the mucous membranes, as well as not feel hunger. In addition, frequent meals can increase energy costs for digesting food and speed up metabolism. But the portions should be small. Get a small plate and eat only from it.
  2. Avoid overeating, it not only leads to weight gain, but also greatly overloads the digestive tract, which is harmful and even dangerous with gastritis.
  3. Do not starve. Hunger leads to subsequent overeating. In addition, during hunger, the produced gastric juice is very irritating and damaging the mucous membranes, which can lead to exacerbation of gastritis, as well as to the development of ulcers.
  4. It is advisable to eat foods in powdered form. They are digested much faster and better absorbed, which is important both in losing weight and in gastritis.
  5. Dishes should not be too hot or too cold, otherwise the gastric mucous membranes will suffer, which is unacceptable with gastritis. So warm the food to room temperature.
  6. Pay special attention to the heat treatment of products. Refuse smoking and frying, prefer cooking, stewing and steaming. Baking in the oven is also acceptable.Such processing methods can reduce the calorie content of dishes, maintain a maximum of nutrients and avoid irritation of the mucous membranes and increased stress on the digestive organs.
  7. Do not eat up at night. But the rule is not to eat after six with gastritis does not work. A long period of fasting can increase the negative effects of gastric juice on the mucous membranes. So it’s better to plan dinner at 19: 00-19: 30. But it should be as light as possible. And before going to bed, be sure to drink a glass of fresh kefir.
  8. Be sure to chew food thoroughly and for a long time. Firstly, this way it will be digested faster, and secondly, part of the sugars, when properly chewed, are dissolved by saliva, and this is useful for losing weight.
  9. Drink plenty of fluids (at least 1.5-2 liters per day). This will help normalize metabolism and minimize the negative effects of gastric juice on the mucous membranes.

What foods can be consumed?

Allowed for gastritis and contributing to weight loss products:

  • Be sure to eat protein foods, namely meat and fish. Choose low-fat fish such as trout, cod, pike perch, hake, flounder, pollock. As for meat, it is better to give preference to beef, veal, rabbit meat and turkey. Seafood, such as squid, mussels, shrimp, is also allowed. But all of them must be of high quality and thermally processed.
  • Dairy and sour-milk products are allowed and recommended: milk, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cream, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, low-fat, mild and unsalted cheeses.
  • Be sure to eat cereals. But of these, it’s best to cook liquid cereals or soups. Any cereal should be well cooked, otherwise it will be poorly digested and will be digested for a long time.
  • The menu should include first courses. Cereal or vegetable soups are recommended. The rich broths will irritate the mucous membranes, so it is better not to use them. And they are often fatty, so they interfere with weight loss.
  • Vegetables should be present in the diet, they are low-calorie and contain a large amount of nutrients. Eat zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers. And the use of bitter and coarse vegetables (onions, radishes, radishes, eggplant) is better to limit. In addition, with gastritis, it is advisable to thermally process the products, since fresh ones contain a large amount of coarse dietary fiber, which can be harmful in diseases of the digestive tract. You can stew vegetables, boil, steam. Vegetable stews, mashed potatoes, casseroles are welcome.
  • Fruits and berries are allowed. But remember that acidic will have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the walls of the stomach, so their number will have to be limited. But from the fruits and berries you can cook different desserts: jelly, casseroles and so on.
  • Desserts are also rare, but not all. You can eat marshmallows, candy, jelly and puddings.

What foods can not be consumed?

List of prohibited products:

  • Any semi-finished products. They have a lot of artificial additives that increase appetite and adversely affect the mucous membranes of the digestive system.
  • Fast food. Many dishes are cooked by frying with the addition of a large amount of oil.
  • Roast. Fried cutlets, meat, fish, and potatoes are prohibited. All this contains a lot of calories and is difficult to digest.
  • Spicy. Hot seasonings stimulate the production of gastric juice and irritate the mucous membranes.
  • Pickled or salty foods. They also have an irritating effect on the walls.
  • Canned foods with artificial additives also need to be excluded from the diet.
  • Carbonated drinks. They contain a large amount of sugar and dyes, so they are not recommended for gastritis or weight loss.
  • Strong coffee and tea. Especially harmful with gastritis coffee.
  • Alcohol. It not only literally corrodes the mucous membranes, but also increases appetite.

Physical activity

Losing weight with gastritis will be more effective and faster if the diet is combined with physical activity. It not only contributes to weight loss, but also normalizes digestion and accelerates metabolic processes. Loads should be moderate and regular. You need to do it 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Do not start classes immediately after eating. It is also better not to eat for an hour after a workout.

Aerobics, belly dancing, and abdominal exercises are especially useful for digestion. You can do swimming, Pilates, yoga. You should not choose power sports, they do not help to reduce weight and are harmful for diseases of the digestive system (when performing complex strength exercises, all muscle tissues of the body experience stress, and the intestines and stomach also partially consist of them).

Follow the rules of safe weight loss, eat allowed foods and exclude prohibited foods from your diet in order not only to reduce weight, but also not to aggravate your condition with gastritis.

Diet and weight loss for gastritis

Diet during gastritis, contributing to weight loss, should not be designed for short periods of time, in certain situations, its duration can be up to 6 months.

The quick loss of extra pounds is not welcomed by doctors, since express results only contribute to the exacerbation of the disease.

The main feature of the dietary diet is the need to pay attention to the functioning of the digestive system in gastritis, as well as the choice of products that contribute to the process of weight loss and do not irritate the tissues of the stomach wall.

Papaya and apples are undoubtedly the best fruits that can activate weight loss. They can be added without hesitation to the diet menu to a person suffering from gastritis.

Some people claim that papaya contains a lot of sugar and this is bad for weight loss, but this is actually not the case.

Sugar in the above fruits is easily digested, and it does not lead to the formation of saturated fats.

Papaya and apples (especially baked ones) are easily digested in the gastrointestinal tract, benefiting the entire body. Therefore, a diet that promotes weight loss must include these fruits.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to combine the intake of papaya or apples with other products.

This means that the key to successful use of these fruits in the diet menu is to eat fruit fruits on their own or with a small amount of any nuts.

Papaya should be on the menu of a patient with gastritis, since it has the following positive effect on the body:

  • reduces the inflammation of the stomach,
  • cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, fills it with vitamins (especially beta-carotene, which is great for treating gastritis),
  • cleanses the intestines of toxins,
  • stimulates the liver.

This fruit can also help a person better process fats, lose weight, and also get rid of harmful fats. Breakfast is the best time to eat papaya.

It is allowed to mix this fruit with raw oats or flaxseed (in the amount of one tablespoon).

Before going to bed, doctors recommend eating peeled apples, slightly boiled or baked.

An apple-based diet is one of the most effective for gastritis, because apples, in addition to having a beneficial effect on the stomach wall, help cleanse the body of toxins.

You can just eat apples (in moderation) or add a few drops of lemon to them.

Of vegetables, especially useful will be:

  1. Spinach.
  2. Green pea.
  3. Tomatoes without peel.
  4. Asparagus.
  5. Beet.
  6. Pumpkin.
  7. Zucchini.
  8. Carrot.

A special kind of tea called Boldo is an excellent dietary product for weight loss in gastritis. This tea is ideal for treating diseases of the stomach and liver, as well as for cleaning the body of toxins.

It is recommended to drink one cup of this tea before breakfast, adding juice from half a lemon. Drink preferably a freshly prepared drink.

Lemons are not “bad” for a sick stomach. On the contrary, lemons become alkaline. This means that they lose their acidity the moment they enter the body.

Lemons help restore damaged tissues, evacuate toxins, and, most importantly, they help fight gastritis, because they promote tissue regeneration and reduce the level of stomach inflammation.

Vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, especially cabbage, potatoes and onions help to quickly lose weight, as well as cure gastritis.

You can make vegetable soups for lunch, adding finely chopped onions, parsley, as well as any other vegetables useful for gastritis.

You can also add a little diced cabbage and one small potato to the soup.

Avoid eating any irritants, red meat and cow's milk, as well as refined foods.

The latter provoke the formation of toxins, which transform into excess weight and do not help the body get rid of the harmful fats that accumulate in the body.

It is desirable to replace sunflower oil with olive.

At the same time, it must be remembered that the use of oil should be under strict control, since this product is high-calorie, pure fat and its daily norm should be no more than two teaspoons per day.

In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits (listed above) for gastritis, it is allowed to take multivitamin complexes in the form of capsules.

Patients with gastritis are advised to receive more detailed information on permitted and prohibited foods for gastritis, which can lead to weight loss, with your doctor or a professional nutritionist.

Diet and diet should be consistent with these specialists.

Gastrointestinal Slimming

Weight loss with gastritis is possible. Before deciding on a diet, you should know about the diseases that accompany gastritis. Pathologies affect the pancreas, intestines and gall bladder. Based on painful factors, the menu and the duration of the diet are determined. In the acute period, you need to adhere to a strict diet.

The menu depends on the course of the disease. The acute form limits the use of a number of foods. With remission, the diet expands (does not apply to alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, hot spices, fried foods).

Food with a low or high (from 57 degrees) temperature irritates the gastrointestinal tract. The optimal food temperature is 37 degrees.

In the acute period, the first 24 hours should pass without eating. It is allowed to drink clean water and warm tea. Porridge and jelly are taken from the second day of the disease. The diet is strict, but after the acute phase, nutrition is allowed to diversify and consume more foods.

Products aimed at increasing hydrochloric acid must be eaten by people suffering from low acidity. Increased acidity requires food that reduces acid production. The types of nutrition in both cases are discussed below.

Increased acidity

  • stale bread
  • non-dough products, cookies,
  • cooked pasta
  • cereals, cereal soup puree,
  • baked or boiled vegetables,
  • omelette,
  • low-fat boiled fish.

Grind vegetables and fruits before eating. Non-sour dairy products are recommended. With gastritis with high acidity, the amount of sweets in the diet is reduced.

Diet for gastritis with low acidity

Has similarities to the previous diet:

  • wheat bread (dried or stale, the filling of pies and rolls should be well processed),
  • pasta,
  • cereals in water and milk,
  • weak soups
  • lean meat and fish,
  • stewed, baked, boiled vegetables,
  • butter and vegetable oil.

It is allowed to consume in a small amount dairy products and sour fruits.

Eating algorithm

With gastritis, it is better not to use dishes with a dense and liquid consistency at the same time. You can not combine protein products with carbohydrates. Unpleasant sensations are caused by a one-time intake of meat with flour products or potatoes.

In the acute period, it is recommended to avoid prunes or raisins. Porridge-like dishes are preferable to solid ones. With greater speed, carbohydrate products leave the stomach. Proteins and fats are slower.

A long stay of food in the stomach enhances the release of hydrochloric acid, so coarse fiber is undesirable. Before improvement, the use of cabbage, radish, turnips, and berries with a rough shell is prohibited. Before eating, peel the apples.

Proper nutrition

Following a diet with gastritis normalizes well-being and reduces weight. Doctors say that following a healthy diet leads to an average loss of 4 kilograms per week.

When you stop the diet, you need to remember about a smooth transition to a normal diet: you can not immediately start consuming prohibited foods.

The menu of a person suffering from gastritis is based on the following items:

  • fractional eating
  • food temperature - 37 degrees,
  • the period between doses does not exceed 4 hours,
  • the amount of food consumed at a time should fit in one glass,
  • steamed food, boiled dishes ․

Weekly menu

  • milk, kefir,
  • semolina, steamed meatballs, scrambled eggs,
  • fish, pasta, tea,
  • buckwheat in milk, cottage cheese.

  • steamed meatballs
  • mashed carrots and potatoes,
  • oat flakes
  • meat soup with rice,
  • fruit jelly
  • dumplings and milk.

  • scrambled eggs,
  • pasta with a little butter,
  • steamed meatballs
  • mashed carrot and potato soup
  • buckwheat,
  • drinks: milk, unsweetened tea, kefir, a decoction of non-sour berries.

  • rice
  • oatmeal soup
  • lean meat
  • noodles with mashed meat,
  • a small amount of low-fat cream,
  • drinks: decoction of raspberries, jelly, cocoa.

  • mashed carrots and potatoes,
  • pea soup
  • lean fish
  • buckwheat, curd products,
  • drinks: milk and berry decoctions.

  • buckwheat / semolina,
  • carrot soup
  • lean fish
  • steam cutlets,
  • drinks: milk, raspberry decoction, tea.

  • semolina
  • zucchini soup
  • rice
  • steamed or boiled meat dish with mashed potatoes and carrots,
  • drinks: milk, tea with milk,
  • baked apple.

Within two months of such a diet, the disease and extra pounds will begin to go away.


It is recommended to divide food into 5-6 receptions. The optimal time for chewing food is 25 seconds.

Whatever cooking method is chosen, the use of spicy seasonings is excluded. For refueling, greens should be used to decorate the dish and have a healing effect on the body.

Today, diseases associated with factors are becoming common: unhealthy diet, frequent stressful situations, fast snacking, abuse of fast food, bad habits (alcoholic drinks, smoking). At the top of the list of diseases is gastritis.

With gastritis, inflammation of the gastric mucosa occurs, unpleasant symptoms occur - heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, belching. There are sensations of heaviness and fullness in the hollow organ, appetite disappears, the patient's body weight decreases.

Frequent stresses, a state of depression, an improper diet, an unbalanced diet, alcoholism, the use of harmful foods, and helicobacteria can provoke the development of gastritis with high acidity.

A list of varieties of gastritis is distinguished, the diet of patients with different types of the course of the disease usually varies. For example, the most strict, with many limitations, is a diet for exacerbation of gastritis. With the onset of remission, it becomes possible to expand the range of consumed products.Each type of pathology requires a mandatory restriction in the use of selected foods (for example, salted or excessively sharp, fatty and fried).

Two main types of the disease are distinguished: gastritis with an increased level of acidity and with a reduced one. High acidity - a high level of digestive fluid in the stomach. A type of gastritis is called hyperacid. Diet therapy, as well as the treatment of hyperacid gastritis, differs in certain signs.

Most often, the disease in question is determined in students, young people, children. The causes are errors in nutrition, eventually leading to inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It is necessary to pay attention to the diet of a sick person. Drug therapy will not be effective if the diet is not followed for gastritis of the stomach. There remains a risk of developing various complications, among which chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and cancer are noted.

A diet for gastritis with high acidity implies permission and a ban on certain products.

Causes of gastritis and ulcers

  • Eating disorders. These include: irregular nutrition, prolonged fasting, overeating, excessive consumption of acidic foods (such as fast food, confectionery and flour products, smoked meats, spicy, fatty and fried foods, carbonated sugary drinks).
  • Addiction to alcohol. Frequent use of alcohol negatively affects the body of any healthy person. First of all, digestive organs suffer.
  • Excessive use of drugs. As a rule, each medicine has side effects and contraindications, which are rarely paid attention to. However, an erratic administration of pharmacological agents often leads to various ailments, disturbances in the digestive system and a painful reaction.
  • Stress state. Living in big cities is fraught with all kinds of problems, worries, nervous tension, sleep disturbance, which over time affects the general condition of the body. Often, the disease of internal organs becomes chronic in the face of stressful situations.
  • The action of bacteria. This problem depends on many internal and external causes. Inflammation of the digestive system can be the result of serious diseases, viral infections, which require prolonged use of antibiotics.
  • The negative effect of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which must be treated with antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor.

Prohibited Products

There is a list of products prohibited for gastritis, as well as an ulcer of the stomach and duodenum in the acute stage:

  • fried and fatty foods
  • fat meat,
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • spicy dishes,
  • smoked meats and pickles,
  • mushrooms
  • carbonated drinks,
  • strong tea and coffee,
  • fatty meat broth,
  • fast food,
  • fresh bakery.

Restrictions on some other products are also an integral part of the diet that doctors prescribe for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It will also be useful for weight loss.

Features of the diet for gastrointestinal problems

What is the difference between a sparing diet and a diet for weight loss with stomach ulcers, gastritis and other problems with the digestive system?

  • Restrictions in the diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract do not always contribute to the loss of extra pounds and rapid weight loss. Sometimes weight remains unchanged, and weight problems only worsen.
  • A sparing diet is aimed at normalizing the work of the stomach, reducing acidity, and regulating the production of gastric juice. The traditional diet for weight loss is based on unloading the body, starting the processes of cleansing and resorption of the fat layer.

Featured Products

For gastritis and ulcer, you should eat baked, boiled, stewed and steamed food at a comfortable temperature. Of the products you may prefer:

  • vegetable dishes - baked and stewed,
  • Baked fruits
  • lean meat,
  • boiled or baked fish and seafood,
  • dried bread and cereal bread,
  • dried fruits in a small amount,
  • dairy products.

Allowed Dishes

  • Stale pastries and bread, cookies, crackers.
  • Boiled pasta, vermicelli.
  • Porridge cooked on the water, preferably viscous, enveloping.
  • Various vegetable soups, with the addition of cereals (for example, buckwheat soup). Mashed soups are the best option.
  • Boiled or steamed dishes from beef, chicken or from the liver, tongue.
  • Eggs are allowed if cooked soft-boiled or as an omelet from a double boiler.
  • Boiled fish, preferably low-fat.
  • Selected types of vegetables and fruits in grated form. It is advisable to eat vegetables boiled or stewed.
  • Non-acidic dairy products, milk, cottage cheese, low-fat fermented baked milk.
  • Of sweets, marshmallows, a little honey, pastille, marmalade, jam are acceptable for gastritis.
  • Drinking weak black tea and coffee should preferably be diluted with milk or non-fat cream, cocoa, and juices from permitted fruits and berries.
  • The diet should include oils: olive, sunflower, corn, cream, very little.

As for the forbidden foods - remember, the main goal is to reduce the level of production of hydrochloric acid. This means that products that increase the excretion of acid in the stomach are subject to exclusion from the diet.

Prohibited foods

  1. Fresh bread and muffin, rye bread.
  2. Beans, pearl barley.
  3. Saturated meat broths, as well as mushroom and fish.
  4. It is undesirable to eat borsch and okroshka with gastritis.
  5. Salted, canned and smoked fish are contraindicated.
  6. Canned meat, as well as coarse sinewy meat.
  7. Onions, pickled and salted vegetables, cabbage, mushrooms.
  8. Exclude sour from dairy products, salted or spicy cheese, ice cream is undesirable.
  9. Fried eggs and hard boiled eggs.
  10. Highly carbonated drinks, alcohol, kvass, strong coffee.
  11. Various spices and seasonings, horseradish, mustard, dishes with the addition of vinegar, hot sauces are strongly not recommended.
  12. Unripe fruits and berries are contraindicated; selected dried fruits. Acid varieties of berries that cause increased secretion of gastric juice are unacceptable.

We single out a separate list of products that have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa.

Unwanted Products

  • Garlic is a product that increases appetite, therefore, is able to increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.
  • Citrus fruits are prohibited in gastritis with high acidity, contribute to increased production of digestive fluid.
  • You should limit the use of nuts that cause an exacerbation of the disease.
  • You can not chocolate with gastritis, especially if there is an increased level of acidity.
  • Chemicals, flavors, preservatives - contained in ice cream, adversely affect the condition of the gastric mucosa.
  • Grapes cause fermentation in the digestive organ, refers to undesirable products. It is permissible to use without skin.
  • Smoked meat is not recommended for chronic gastritis with high acidity.
  • In watermelons, in melons, contains a lot of fiber, the consumption of these delicacies is prescribed to limit.
  • Cholesterol was found in the liver, which strongly irritates the inner walls of the stomach.

Eating with gastritis with high acidity involves observing certain rules that will have to be followed for a long time, sometimes for life.

The basic principles of nutrition

  1. Eating meals are served, reaching the optimum temperature, preferably warm, hot food, like cold, irritates the gastric mucosa. This becomes an unfavorable factor, the lining of the stomach is already inflamed and irritated due to gastritis.
  2. The food eaten during the day is divided into small, equal portions. Thus, a fractional diet is performed when it comes from 5 meals per day. The stomach becomes easier to process and digest systematically incoming food in small quantities. Remember the important point: dinner is taken 3 hours before bedtime.
  3. The patient eats at a set constant time to ensure that the digestive organ works effectively without stress.
  4. The menu of a sick person is diverse. It is important that the body receives the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vital vitamins and minerals.
  5. To preserve the nutritional elements of the products, contribute to the minimum level of irritation of the gastric mucosa, dishes for the patient are prepared by steam or cooking.
  6. Thorough chewing of food is recommended to facilitate the work of a diseased digestive organ.
  7. It’s always better to take up food in high spirits; science has proven that negative emotions interfere with digestion.

Any diet designed for patients with gastritis with high acidity will be rich and varied, since the list of allowed dishes is wide. A sick person will not begin to accompany a feeling of constant hunger, sweets will certainly be included in the diet. If the menu is composed correctly, it is possible to eliminate the signs of the disease, restore the metabolism in the human body.

Separately, nutrition features in acute gastritis should be mentioned. A strict selection of possible products will be required. It is allowed to cook viscous cereals in water from cereals, previously crushed in a coffee grinder. If the patient wants an omelet, it is better to cook a dish only from proteins. Soups are cooked without meat, chicken, a dietary product, is good for cutlets.

After a number of days, when the signs of an exacerbation of the disease gradually subside, it will be possible to introduce meat and fish broth, milk and other useful products into the patient’s individual menu after examination and approval by a gastroenterologist.

A diet for chronic gastritis is recognized as mandatory for constant compliance, so as not to provoke too frequent exacerbations, not to cause complications. You need to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. The rule applies to everyone, everyone can get gastritis.

For most patients, diet No. 1 is prescribed, excluding the use of dishes that can increase the secretion of gastric juice. Food is cooked by steam or cooking, fruits and vegetables are served in mashed potatoes.

The nutritionist develops an individual diet for the patient, in accordance with the course of the disease, with the resources of the body. The doctor clearly indicates that it is possible that a specific sick person cannot eat.

The right decision would be to prepare an approximate menu for a week in advance, so that it would be easier for the patient to navigate in allowed and prohibited dishes.

Menu for a week with gastritis

  • For breakfast, mashed potatoes and steamed meatballs are suitable. From drinks it is better to choose tea with milk.
  • Instead of a second breakfast, it is better to drink a glass of milk.
  • At lunchtime, eat milk soup and casseroles of low-fat minced meat with potatoes. As a dessert - compote with biscuit cookies.
  • For an afternoon snack - jelly with breadcrumbs.
  • It is useful to eat buckwheat for gastritis, for dinner, cook a little buckwheat porridge, preferably in grated form. Allowed to eat a banana.
  • Before going to bed, drink a glass of milk with honey.

  1. Breakfast with semolina porridge on the water and sweet curd mass. Finish your morning meal with a cup of tea.
  2. At lunch time, eat a baked apple and drink it with milk.
  3. Lunch should be rich and satisfying, so it’s better to give preference to some liquid dish and meat steaks. Healthy beetroot salad.
  4. For an afternoon snack, compote or jelly with dry cookies is suitable.
  5. For dinner, rice with steam omelet and a healthy dairy product.
  6. At night, a glass of milk, if desired with honey, is allowed to be used for gastritis.

  • Oatmeal and soft-boiled egg in combination with sweet tea are good for starting the day.
  • Then you can eat a banana.
  • As a lunch, grated vegetable soup and steam chicken cutlets are suitable. Wash down with any useful compote.
  • Kissel, as usual for an afternoon snack.
  • Dinner is light and delicious - cottage cheese casserole and low-fat natural yogurt.
  • Before going to bed, drink some milk.

  1. Start your morning meal with rice porridge and drink with chamomile infusion.
  2. Breakfast number two - baked apple and milk.
  3. For lunch, soup and beetroot puree with minced fish cutlets.
  4. Compote of allowed dried fruits.
  5. Dine with cottage cheese casserole.
  6. Before going to bed, you can drink milk if you wish.

  • Boiled potatoes for breakfast, chicken breast and low-fat sour cream.
  • Banana.
  • Vermicelli soup, cutlets and stewed fruit.
  • Kissel or compote to choose from.
  • Omelet and grated porridge for dinner.
  • As usual, a glass of warm milk.

  1. Mashed potatoes, steamed fish cakes and tea.
  2. Baked apple.
  3. Vegetable light soup, boiled vermicelli with chicken.
  4. Kissel and crackers, or cookies.
  5. Fruit salad (from permitted fruits and berries), curd for dinner.
  6. Finish the day with a cup of warm milk and honey.

  • Boiled rice, meatballs and tea with milk are ideal for breakfast.
  • Choose a baked apple or one banana.
  • Mashed potato soup, cutlets and a side dish of carrots with beets are good for a hearty dinner.
  • Compote cookies.
  • Steamed chicken roll and omelet combined with natural yogurt for a light dinner.
  • Before going to bed, a glass of milk.

Similarly, it is possible to create a daily menu. The conditional plan is given; it is permissible to change individual points. For example, milk is sometimes desirable to replace with fermented baked milk.

Remember, proper nutrition is considered the key to human health and well-being.

A person, being in the modern rhythm of life, rarely thinks about proper nutrition. He takes food only when it is possible to cut a minute, or if the stomach begins to hurt and rumble, demanding a dose of food. Such a neglect leads to a very common disease - gastritis. And when discomfort becomes unbearable, people go to the doctor. The doctor recommends a diet. This is where the question arises of what should be the menu for gastritis for a week.

Basic Nutrition Guidelines

When developing a menu for gastritis for a week, nutritionists insist on following important nutritional rules:

  1. Food should only be consumed in a warm form. It is unacceptable to accept too cold or excessively hot food. Since such dishes irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach.
  2. Food intended for a patient with gastritis should be grated. This is especially true if increased secretion of gastric juice is diagnosed.
  3. Nutrition providing benefits is extremely fractional. It is recommended to take food about 6 times a day.
  4. The patient must refuse smoked, fried, canned, salted products.
  5. Do not take alcohol. It is recommended to abandon spices and spices.
  6. Coffee is subject to exclusion from food. The maximum consumption of chocolate is limited.

There are many dietary options. Each of them allows you to improve the condition of the patient with a certain kind of pathology. Therefore, it is extremely important that the menu for gastritis for a week be developed by your attending physician.

The doctor will recommend just such a menu with erosive gastritis for a week. This table is also prescribed for stomach ulcers.

Nutrition completely eliminates food that can cause an exacerbation of an ailment or discomfort. The recipes recommended in this diet make digestion as easy as possible.

In addition, table No. 1 not only promotes recovery, but also provides a reduction in the severity of exacerbations of the disease. And they, with this pathology, unfortunately, are not uncommon.

Rules for losing weight for people with a sick stomach

There are general patterns of behavior in which losing weight with gastritis will give a positive result.

  1. You can not start weight correction if chronic gastritis, a duodenal ulcer, other gastrointestinal diseases are in the process of exacerbation.Only after treatment and the onset of persistent remission can we begin the fight against extra pounds.
  2. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the factors that provoked both gastritis and obesity:
  • solve the problem of chronic stress,
  • eliminate the negative effects of drugs on the mucosa,
  • minimize alcohol intake and smoking.
  1. It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle: physical exercises not only burn calories, but also stimulate digestion and accelerate metabolism. With gastritis, it is useful to do aerobics, swimming, gymnastics, yoga. Strength sports is contraindicated - excessive muscle tension will injure the walls of the stomach.
  2. The most important thing is to strictly adhere to the rules of safe weight loss when eating:
  • Do not starve or overeat: eat fractional meals 5-6 times a day. The amount of food at one time should fit in a 250-gram glass,
  • Do not over-eat at night, but do not starve in the evening, before going to bed, be sure to back up yourself with a glass of kefir
  • refuse hot and cold dishes, eat only warm food, boiled, stewed or baked in the oven, chew it thoroughly,
  • drink up to 1.5-2 liters of water daily to dilute aggressive gastric juice between meals,
  • leave only permitted food in the diet, forbidden foods and spicy foods must be resolutely rejected,
  • Do not use liquid and solid consistency at the same time. There is at one time protein foods with carbohydrates, meat with flour products and potatoes.
  1. The diet for gastritis for weight loss is not designed for a short time, the duration of medical nutrition with weight correction is 5-6 months, during this time it is really possible to lose 7-10 kg without damage to health. Rapid weight loss increases the risk of an exacerbation of the disease with a complication of erosive gastritis.
  2. Calculation of calorie intake:
  • we determine our normal weight (subtract 100 from the growth indicator, expressed in cm), subtract its value from the real weight indicator. The difference is the extra pounds that you need to get rid of,
  • we consider the calorie content of the diet to maintain the existing weight: 30/32 kcal for each kg of normal weight of women / men + 9 kcal for each excess kg of weight + 500 kcal for hard physical work + 200 kcal for training,
  • we take 400 kcal from the obtained calorie content - this is the amount of food that you need to refuse daily to lose weight. The remaining calories are the daily intake, which must be constantly calculated at first.

Note. The tested methods of successfully losing weight in healthy people (fasting days, mono-diets, abstinence from food after 6 pm) with chronic gastritis are absolutely unacceptable and lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

Sample menu

Despite multiple restrictions, the dietary table is quite diverse.

To make it easier to understand what food should be like, consider a sample menu for gastritis for a week:

  • 1 breakfast: mashed cottage cheese with cream or milk, buckwheat (mashed) milk porridge, tea with milk,
  • 2 breakfast: one glass of milk or cream,
  • lunch: milk semolina soup, steamed meat zrazy stuffed with scrambled eggs, apple jelly,
  • dinner: steamed fish cakes flavored with bechamel sauce + pasta, tea,
  • for the night: cookies with a glass of cream or milk.

  • 1 breakfast: steamed meatballs + mashed potatoes and carrots, Hercules flakes cooked in milk, tea with cream,
  • 2 breakfast: milk jelly,
  • lunch: mashed rice and milk soup, boiled meat, carrot puree with bechamel sauce, fruit, berry jelly,
  • dinner: lazy dumplings, tea,
  • at night: milk / cream and cookies.

  • 1 breakfast: soft-boiled eggs - 2 pcs., Boiled vermicelli with a slice of butter, tea with cream,
  • 2 breakfast: one glass of kefir,
  • lunch: mashed potato and carrot milk soup, meat steaks under bechamel + semi-viscous rice porridge, compote,
  • dinner: meat cutlets steam + buckwheat mashed porridge, 1 tbsp. rosehip broth,
  • at night: a glass of milk + cookies.

  • 1 breakfast: curd cream, mucous rice porridge or mashed milk, cocoa + cream,
  • 2 breakfast: berry jelly,
  • lunch: Hercules cereal milk soup, bechamel pudding + mashed potatoes made from green peas, apple jelly.
  • dinner: mashed potatoes with noodles, rosehip broth,
  • at night: crackers with 1 tbsp. milk.

  • 1 breakfast: herring oil, mashed potato and cream with cream, milk tea,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. milk
  • lunch: grated green pea soup, boiled chicken + vermicelli + white sauce, berry mousse with semolina,
  • dinner: buckwheat pudding with cottage cheese, rosehip broth,
  • at night: 1 tbsp. cream (milk) + cookies.

  • 1 breakfast: steam omelet, mashed Hercules flakes, milk tea,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. cream or milk
  • lunch: mashed carrot soup with croutons, boiled fish with buckwheat (mashed) porridge + butter and egg sauce, berry syrup with snowballs,
  • dinner: steam rice cakes with cottage cheese, broth of wild rose,
  • at night: cookies + 1 tbsp. milk.

  • 1 breakfast: semolina milk porridge, meat cheese, cream tea,
  • 2 breakfast: 1 tbsp. milk
  • lunch: squash milk soup with croutons, boiled tongue with mashed rice porridge, baked apples with jam,
  • dinner: steamed meat pudding with mashed potato and carrot, broth of wild rose,
  • at night: cream or milk with cookies.

Diet table number 5

For some pathologies, a slightly different diet is prescribed. Diet No. 5 is recommended for chronic gastritis and the presence of other ailments of the gall, liver, and pancreas.

The main goal of this food is to create the most sparing conditions for the liver and normalize the functioning of the digestive system. However, do not forget that the menu for gastritis for a week should be developed for you by a doctor. Only in this case it will bring maximum health benefits.

Allowed Dishes

If you are prescribed such a diet for gastritis of the stomach, the menu for the week includes the following products:

  • river fish
  • skim cheese,
  • mild cheese
  • low-fat sour cream,
  • wheat bread (soft portion),
  • kefir,
  • herbal teas
  • cream,
  • vegetable soups
  • teas with milk
  • sweet apples
  • pasta soup
  • ripe fruits.

Approximate diet

The menu for gastritis and pancreatitis for a week is recommended by a nutritionist.

It looks like this:

  1. First breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, oatmeal porridge, tea.
  2. Second breakfast: baked apple.
  3. Lunch: exclusively vegetable soup with the addition of vegetable oil, boiled chicken + milk sauce, boiled rice, stewed fruit made from dried fruits.
  4. Snack: 1 tbsp. a rosehip decoction.
  5. Dinner: boiled fish + white sauce, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese cheesecake, tea.
  6. At night: 1 tbsp. kefir.

Recipes for diet number 1

It is important to understand how to cook food. Therefore, communicating with your nutritionist, discuss the menu for a week with gastritis with recipes.

Consider the technology of manufacturing several simple dishes:

  1. Potato and carrot, rice soup puree. Boil 30 g of rice in water (1.5 tbsp.) Until cooked. Grind it. Boil potatoes (100 g) and carrots (75 g) separately. Also wipe these ingredients. Mix everything. Dilute the resulting puree with boiling milk (200 g). Season 0.5 egg yolk with butter (20 g).
  2. Boiled beef. Pour meat (110 g) with hot water so that the liquid only covers the beef. After boiling, remove the foam and cook over low heat for 1.5-2 hours. About 30 minutes before the end of cooking, add chopped carrot (10 g), parsley and celery (5 g each) to the pan. Salt to taste.

Recipes for diet number 5

The menu for gastritis for a week includes the following dishes:

  1. Meat cheese. Pass the boiled (low-fat) meat 2 times through a meat grinder. Grate the cheese (15 g). Mix both components. Add butter (10 g) and bechamel (flour - 10 g, milk - 100 g). Give the mass a shape. Sprinkle chopped greens on top.
  2. Steam omelet. Beat 2 eggs. Add some salt. Add milk (50 g), butter (5 g) to the mixture. Steam the omelet.
  3. Cottage cheese with lingonberries and sour cream. But remember that you can only use a low-fat product. Take the cottage cheese (100 g), carefully rub it. Pour the product with sour cream 10% or 15% (20 g). Add lingonberries, previously mashed with sugar (30 g).

If you are diagnosed with gastritis, be sure to follow a diet. This will allow you to return to duty much earlier.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition to Maintain Health

Some patients are wondering how to lose weight with gastritis. To achieve a pleasant result, you do not need to use radical measures. Certain food restrictions are needed, but you should not completely abandon any product groups.

Now there is a mass in the public domain variants of diets from which gastroenterologists are horrified. One-component, protein, other fast diets, designed for 1-2 weeks, do not bring any benefits to the body, because many healthy foods are excluded from the diet. A sparse list of allowed ingredients leads to the fact that a person constantly wants to eat. For the gastrointestinal tract, this is very bad. Such diets often lead to gastritis. They are absolutely ineffective because the weight lost returns very quickly after the restrictions are lifted.

Proper balanced nutrition is the basis of the health of any person. If you already have problems in the form of gastritis, then you should not pay attention to popular diets. Together with food, we get energy for everyday existence, a “building material” for building muscle fibers, numerous useful trace elements, minerals, amino acids, without which it is impossible to exist. There is no one universal product that would contain everything that a person needs, therefore a balanced diet is needed.

Features of diets for weight loss with gastritis

Excessive thinness, which many modern girls are chasing, is also not the best option. In women, with a height of 170 cm, the optimal weight is 60 kg, although such indicators are very relative.

If you decide to lose weight with gastritis using a therapeutic diet, you must adhere to the following principles:

  • Calculate the individual balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, adhere to these standards,
  • The daily calorie content of dishes should not be less than 1500 kcal for a woman, too much calorie deficiency is undesirable,
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day,
  • Eat fractionally - 5-6 meals per day
  • In the acute period of the development of gastritis, you can’t start a diet,
  • Try to adhere to the principles of good nutrition on an ongoing basis, and not from time to time.

Simple rules are easy to remember, simple to follow. The biggest problem for most patients with gastritis is the calculation of the norms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, calorie foods. To simplify this process, buy the exact kitchen clock, weigh everything you eat and be sure to keep a food diary. So you will clearly see where you do not follow the rules of the diet, whether you eat illegal foods. It is hard only the first few days. Over time, you will become so accustomed to weighing all products and taking notes that it will be a routine and mundane affair.

Is it possible to lose weight with gastritis

It is widely believed that with the development of gastritis, patients lose weight quickly. This is possible during the acute period of the disease, when for several days the patient cannot eat anything at all. Weight is reduced not due to the breakdown of fatty tissues, but from dehydration. This condition is extremely dangerous, so doctors recommend moderate consumption of ordinary water at this time.

After stabilization, the weight normalizes, but if you want to lose it in order to feel healthier, this is possible if several conditions are met. Typically, nutritionists advise their customers to significantly increase the amount of protein food. The problem is that with gastritis you can not abuse dairy products, eggs, meat and fish. If you gradually introduce these products after exacerbation, be sure to grind them. Instead of a whole piece of meat, you can cook soufflé or steam cutlets. Low-fat marine fish - hake, pollock, notothenia is great for such purposes.

You will have to refuse frequent visits to catering establishments, especially fast foods. It offers too fatty, high-calorie foods that harm not only the figure, but also the gastrointestinal tract.


Effective weight loss for medicinal purposes is always welcomed by doctors, but there are situations where this is contraindicated. It is worth abandoning a diet for gastritis in the following cases:

  1. With the development of concomitant diseases,
  2. In acute gastritis,
  3. With frequent stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome.

The process of losing weight should be fun. If you work for wear and tear, treat gastritis at the same time, and still dream of losing weight, for now it is better to leave this venture. Nutritionists recommend starting treatment on vacation. You will be rested, ready for new challenges.

Often young girls, women unreasonably consider themselves full, although their weight is within normal limits. And this is another contraindication. No need to lose weight if you do not need it. It is more advisable to pay attention to strengthening the muscle corset.

If you eat rationally, balanced and varied, then the figure will quickly return to normal, no one can have contraindications to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Features of a therapeutic diet for gastritis

Standard diet "Table 5", which is prescribed by gastroenterologists to patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, is an ideal option for proper weight loss. In accordance with this diet you need to eat 6 times a day, refuse fatty, fried, spicy, smoked. Food should be warm, but not hot. It is not recommended to eat solid foods. It is advisable to grind it. In this way, food is much easier to digest, without violating the integrity of the walls of the stomach.

The diet includes all product groups:

Daily, it is advisable to use certain ingredients from each category. Fruits and berries can be eaten fresh only when gastritis does not bother you. Be sure to include high-quality butter and vegetable oil in the diet, but they are undesirable to use together.

Allowed and Prohibited Products

The therapeutic diet for gastritis is characterized by a wide range of permitted foods. If you competently approach the issues of menu formation, you will never be hungry, you can afford healthy sweets, desserts, quickly restore the gastrointestinal tract, and achieve a lasting result in the process of losing weight.

The following products are allowed for continuous use:

  • Buckwheat, rice, other cereals and cereals, but after long cooking in a soft form,
  • Hard pasta,
  • Root crops - carrots, beets,
  • Baked apples, bananas, berries,
  • Low-fat meat - beef, veal, turkey, chicken,
  • Low-fat marine fish,
  • Dairy and sour-milk products, with the exception of whole milk, too sour kefir.

You can’t overeat, it’s negative affects both health and body shape. It is better to bake apples in the oven with a small addition of honey. Bananas can be eaten fresh, but not abused, because this fruit has a lot of starch, which negatively affects the figure. Potatoes are also allowed for gastritis, but they are not recommended for weight loss. You can add this ingredient to soups.

There are also strictly prohibited products:

  1. Legumes, cabbage, other ingredients that cause excessive gas formation,
  2. Fatty varieties of fish and meat,
  3. Undiluted whole milk,
  4. Chips, crackers, other snacks,
  5. Flour, cream desserts, cakes,
  6. All fried foods
  7. Spicy sauces, mayonnaise,
  8. Sweets, cookies,
  9. Semi-finished products - dumplings, dumplings, shop pancakes with filling.

General list of prohibited products

Losing weight for all forms of inflammation of the gastric mucosa can not be used:

  • coarse fiber fruits and vegetables,
  • yeast baked goods
  • smoked meats
  • fatty meat, rich broths,
  • fried high-calorie dishes,
  • alcohol, strong coffee, carbonated drinks,
  • fast food,
  • pickles and pickles.

Such food increases appetite, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, causes fermentation and distension of the walls of the stomach, increases body fat.

What is useful for gastritis with high acidity

With increased acidity of the stomach, a diet based on vegetables and fruits, meat dishes, whole grain products will help get rid of extra pounds.

  1. Fruits and berries. The most useful source of vitamins for inflammation of the mucosa is papaya, it is rich in sugar, the absorption of which is not accompanied by the deposition of fats. Papaya helps reduce mucosal inflammation and improves liver function. The second necessary fruit is an apple, it is better to use it in a baked form with this disease. Such a dish is healing for the walls of the stomach, removes toxins from the body. Apples and papaya do not need to be eaten simultaneously with other products. Fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries) should not be consumed on an empty stomach.
  2. Boiled vegetables, steamed, stews, soups on decoctions of fruits occupy the main place in the diet. The menu is dominated by dishes of carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkins, boiled potatoes. Cabbage, onions, garlic, radish for the duration of the diet should be excluded from the diet.
  3. The diet for gastritis for weight loss involves the predominance of protein foods. Chicken, turkey, lean red meat, boiled fish (preferably freshwater) are the sources of animal proteins. Soy products (tofu) supplement the diet with vegetable proteins. Soft-boiled eggs, omelettes are safe in any form of the disease as well as fresh milk, and dairy products with high acidity will have to be excluded.
  4. In the diet for weight loss, there should be liquid cereals in milk or water: rice (the most dietary), oatmeal, buckwheat.

The recipe for oriental medicine. With increased secretion of gastric juice, it is useful to drink a glass of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach in a ratio of 4: 1. The drink (without sugar!) Gives an alkaline reaction in the stomach and neutralizes the acid. Before use, be sure to consult a gastroenterologist.

What will help to lose weight with gastritis with low acidity

With a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, it is important to stimulate its excretion during nutrition, while thoroughly chewing food. The foods recommended for gastritis should be added:

  • small portions of herring, smoked meats, pickles - to cause secretion of gastric juice,
  • dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese,
  • mucous soups on meat and vegetable decoctions,
  • dried brown bread
  • slightly carbonated mineral water.

Calorie Counting

The effect of weight loss is achieved with strict accounting of daily calories and weekly weight control. The basic rule: the daily diet should be 400 kcal less than calculated by real weight. If in a week the weight has not decreased by 300-500 g, the daily caloric content of food is reduced by 100 kcal. If weight loss has exceeded 600 kcal, you can increase the diet by 100 kcal. Calorie content does not change due to the introduction of new products, but due to a decrease or increase in portions eaten.


  1. Baked apple with cinnamon.
  2. Papaya fruit
  3. Ripe pear.
  4. A pair of tangerines.
  5. Jelly from berries.
  6. Sweet apple
  7. Jelly from fruits, juices, milk.
  1. Soup with vermicelli, fish fillet, bread, jelly.
  2. Spaghetti, meatballs, compote.
  3. Vegetable soup, boiled fish, bread.
  4. Meatballs with boiled potatoes, bread, compote.
  5. Rice soup with meatballs, carrot puree, bread.
  6. Vermicelli with mashed meat, bread, compote.
  7. Boiled fish with rice, jelly.
  1. A handful of dried apricots.
  2. Baked apple with honey and cinnamon.
  3. Tangerines.
  4. Fresh berries, berry jelly.
  5. Papaya fruit
  6. Sweet apple
  7. Pear.
  1. Fish baked in foil, vegetable puree.
  2. Turkey with buckwheat, tea.
  3. Cottage cheese casserole, a glass of non-sour juice.
  4. Omelet, tea with milk.
  5. Soft-boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, tea with milk.
  6. Steam cutlet with oatmeal, herbal tea.
  7. Chicken breast, boiled potatoes, juice.

Before going to bed, it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir or milk daily.

Hard diets for weight loss are incompatible with the treatment of gastritis, they will finally ruin the digestion and can lead to stomach cancer. The recommendations of therapeutic diets will help you to get rid of extra pounds without any harm to the stomach without any special effort.

The effectiveness of a diet for weight loss with gastritis

If you use a therapeutic diet, losing weight with gastritis should not be an end in itself. Correction of nutrition is useful for the whole body, and it is very quickly reflected in it. The effectiveness of the diet depends on your mood. On specialized sites you can find many original and simple recipes for losing weight with gastritis, but first consult with a doctor.

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